Business Opportunity

New product in Canada

For the first time in Canada, a hand and body cream bar is offered. It is a unique product that every woman would buy because of its characteristics and affordability.

Opportunity: reselling the unique products that every woman likes to have.
As a reseller you, will offer your customers the Botanique Plus hand and body cream bars at the retail price.
The products sell for $8.00 retail plus shipping. The reseller buys the products with a 25% discount and adds the shipping value which gives a margin of around 35 to 45%.

The minimum investment required is $250 which includes 10 pieces of each of the 5 varieties of the cream bars.

Guarantee: a 100% money back guarantee for all the products is offered to every reseller within a period of 30 days.

The products in order to be approved for money back should be unopened.

If the reseller does not sell the products within 3 months, she or he should return the products for us for a refund under the condition of the products being unopened.

The reseller should pay for return shipping.

Product advantage: all creams have over 90% of their ingredients natural. They come in a convenient bar form that is easy to carry even on the airplane.

Each cream has its own characteristics and carries the advantage of its ingredients.

The Shea butter and olive oil cream offers all the advantages of these ingredients.

The Shea butter and palm oil cream combines the advantages and uses of both the shea butter and the palm oil.

The Lavender cream offers the advantages of the lavender oil in addition to the deep moisturizing.

The Cocoa butter cream provides all the advantages of the cocoa butter and offers the chocolate scent.

The milk and honey cream offers the skin characteristic advantages of the milk and the scent of the honey.

All these advantages will be added to the soybean oil and the palm oil advantages, as well as to the conditioning characteristics provided by the beeswax and the vegetable stearic acid.

The reseller works for herself or himself and is the sole responsible of the taxes and any aspect of business legal processes and conditions. The reseller acts as independent agent who buys and sells products and does not act as a employee in any way. The reseller is free to choose the marketing strategy, the quantity to sell and the retail price to offer.

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